Friday, March 30, 2012

Miter Box

Hello All,
  Part of the 4th lesson in the Hand Tool School is groves. Groves are basically dados with the grain of the wood. The project that goes with this lesson is a miter box. I was really dreading this this project because of the accuracy involved in making sure the the saw guide cuts are square and true also I didn't have a good square with a 45 degree edge. So, I made one out of a scrap wood. The box was put together in a day and let the glue dry over night. The next day I flushed up all the edges and cross beams made the guide cuts the it work out great. Width and depth are a bit small for the saw I plan to use it for. The project was a great confidence builder. I am really happy with it and I'm sure it will see some use.

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