Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back from the the lumber dealer

Hello All,
     Well yesterday I went to the lumber dealer here in Yakima, WA. There are a couple here in town I have been to all but one. I went the the new shop attached to American Cabinet Door (they really have no web presents). I like them for two reasons 1. they are very close to where I live 2. they are trying to be the high end dealer in town. They are carrying Festool power tools and carry quite possibly the biggest collection of router bits in the area. As far as their selection of wood it's great with a good verity but not a huge quantity of each.
What I got:
9BF of 4/4 6" wide poplar at $2.15 a BF
2BF of 8/4 10" wide poplar at $2.48 a BF
1 1/2BF of 2 1/2" wide walnut at $9.05 a BF
4/4 3" wide by 10' long piece of figured maple for $20.
If you know if these prices are out of line please let me know I'am new to all this Hard Wood.
    The reason for the hard wood is to complete the next 3 projects in the Hand Tool School. A Miter box, a miter shooting board (also a square shooting board that I'm adding to the projects), and a English Square. I have rough cut the lumber and stickered it to acclimate to the shop. In two weeks Ill start on the miter box which I'm dreading cuse of the high degree of accuracy I want to get out of it.

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