Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saw Retoothing

Hello All,
Just finished retoothing a Zenith by Marshall Wells. It was filled a 8ppi crosscut when I got it. By looking at the handle (the thumb hole) and the markings (nicely etched "High Speed") it was made to be an aggressive rip saw. So for the first time for me I decided to retooth the saw. I joined off all the old teeth and burned up a cheap mill file. Then I use a template from The Norse Woodsmith to get the the 5ppi I was looking for. I tried for a 0 degree rake think I got it and 0 on the fleam too. After marking each to be gullet I just ran the file on each mark the same number of times in each gullet. Eventually and 2 saw files I had some nicely formed teeth and a nicely cutting yet aggressive toothed saw. To do the set I marked the back of every other tooth with a marker and put the saw set at 10 and set all the teeth. I am really happy with the saw now.

Thanks for Reading


  1. Looks good, Joe. This is something I'd like to do with at least one of my saws. Any idea how long it took? I'd imagine that both the removal of teeth and filing new teeth took a considerable amount of time.


  2. It is at least a good days project the more metal you have to take off the more time I would think